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You've been successful, but you know that staying relevant and playing at the next level require a more thoughtful approach to your brand and marketing. We're here to help.

You're the reason we started a full-service graphic design firm. Tacoma businesses need thoughtful creative partners like Hemisphere, partners who are there to elevate everything you do. Click more to find out how.

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We have a bias. Your brand isn't just a logo and a slogan.

It's everything a customer thinks, feels, and experiences when they interact with your organization. With this huge view of brand in mind, there are many ways our graphic designers can support you.

  • Branding - Whether you need a basic logo package, a logo system for a family of companies, a style guide, brand strategy, or a tagline, our graphic designers and branding experts have you covered.
  • Web design - Second only to a solid logo, a smart, modern website is one of the most critical marketing tools in your arsenal. In our mind, it's the difference between credibility and irrelevance.
  • Print design - There's just something about the feel of a thoughtful print piece, whether it's a billboard or business card, that demands respect and generates emotion. 
  • Marketing - We can jump in and support a short-term marketing project with graphic design. Tacoma is full of great one-off projects we've done. But our best marketing often occurs after we've assisted a client with branding and/or web design. These foundational projects give you more tools to "close the sale" and us a better sense for your story.

Whatever your immediate need, we look forward to establishing a strong working relationship based on communication, trust, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Client stories

The full rebrand: TAPCO gets much more than a new logo.

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TAPCO desperately needed some thoughtful graphic design. Tacoma has been TAPCO's home ever since the credit union opened its doors during the Great Depression. They weathered the storms of those early years and grew to build a strong local credit union system focused on the South Sound but capable of serving the whole state. But their logo was dated and too Tacoma-specific to allow them to grow. Unfortunately, their whole look and feel, from branch appearance to marketing collateral, desparately needed a shot in the arm, especially if they were going to reach a new generation of members.

After a thoughtful research phase, our Tacoma graphic designers and marketers put together a brand strategy, designed a new logo, and refreshed every point of contact, from website, to app, to branches, and print collateral. After helping TAPCO roll their brand out, we stayed on as monthly marketing partners and brand managers. The results: a revitalized brand and new enthusiasm in every branch.

See the full rebrand project.

Web design reboot: Affinity gets a modern look and a smart site.

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Affinity Management is a growing property management, development, and investment company located here in Tacoma. Graphic design meant several things to Affinity when they walked through our door: a refreshed logo, updated stationary, and most of all, a new, easy-to-update and fully modern website. We jumped in with both feet.

The website was a great technical test for us. To help users find Affinity's many properties, we created smart mapping and filtering tools. A new system of icons helped users understand the company's different services. Our staff photographer snapped professional photos to help every property look its best. And our copywriter crafted text that spoke well to humans and search engines alike. The results so far? Lots of compliments, a steady increase in traffic, and improved visiblity for important key words.

See the full Affinity project.

Print prowess: CapGemini's custom-printed sales booklet does it all.

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Innovators in consulting, technology, and outsourcing, CapGemini is everywhere (nearly 200,000 employees working in over 40 countries). They needed a fresh take on printed sales tools for their cloud-based products and services. The goal was a way to make explaining what they do faster, easier, more impressive. In short, they need some serious graphic design. Tacoma creative agencies don't often get to touch this kind of work, so we jumped at the chance.

We created a custom printed sales booklet that broke the rules of traditional binding. Employing a bottom left bracket, the sales booklet could be fanned out to show the company's staggering array of services. This design solution subtly reinforced the company’s logo, which looks like a playing-card spade. Tough construction ensured lasting beauty. And a color coding system made it a breeze for presenters to reference sales info on the fly.

See the full CapGemini portfolio page.

Working with Us

What should I expect when I meet with your Tacoma graphic design team?

Don’t be surprised if Tuesdays at our office look like casual Friday’s at yours. Don’t be surprised if you literally LOL in a meeting with us. Don’t be surprised if our work exceeds your expectations. Don’t be surprised when you get to talk to the graphic designer on your project not just an account rep. Don’t be surprised if one project turns into the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Hemisphere.

What kinds of projects and clients do your graphic designers serve?

As Tacoma graphic designers, we can handle a range of projects (branding, print, and web design) for small-to-mid-size businesses located in the Puget Sound region. Out of state? We’ve also provided graphic design services for larger nonprofits, government entities, and Fortune 500 companies. So, don’t assume that being outside our region means your project will be outside our comfort zone.

Is there an advantage to working with a Tacoma graphic design firm?

Are you local? We know your target market well and we’re right down the street for easy communication. If your company serves a national or international audience, you’ll appreciate that we provide Seattle-level graphic design solutions at a more competitive cost. How do we do it? We’re a boutique firm with a lean, multi-talented team, dialed-in process, and a scalable approach.

Hemisphere Downtown Tacoma Illustration

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