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Print design is the soul of graphic design. Printed pieces project prestige. And when thoughtfully designed, print offers opportunities to surprise and delight, which is why it’s more relevant than you think.

As graphic designers, we thrive in digital spaces, crafting everything from websites, to logos, to videos, but we will always have a special place in our hearts for print design.

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We savor the process of designing for print, taking an idea from pencil sketch, to handmade mock up, to finished piece. It's a hands-on labor of love, and like a meal cooked with passion, you can taste the difference in the "final dish."

Print pieces seduce the senses. The subtle heft of an elegant business card. A little saying peeking up at you from inside a box lid. The rough-smooth luster of a matte finish. The ripple of an embossed ridge. 

All of this, of course, is another way of saying that print has the power to create an emotional connection to your brand. And one genuine emotion is worth its weight in cardstock.

Our print design capabilities

Enough gushing about our love for print. You want to know what we do. As a full-service graphic design firm, we can design the following and more:

  • Stationary
  • Business cards
  • Packaging
  • Brochures and leave behinds
  • Tradeshow displays
  • Automobile wraps
  • Environmental graphics
  • Billboards
  • Magazine ads
  • Direct mail pieces

Client stories

Helping the homeless through print design: Tacoma Rescue Mission gets a brand and storytelling boost through printed pieces.

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Just like any nonprofit, Tacoma Rescue Mission wanted to help more people, which required more money. We provided graphic design for several annual reports and events.

The design goal throughout these projects was a more Tacoma-based look. The theory? If giving partners could see themselves and their city in the Rescue Mission’s efforts, they’d be more likely to give and give generously. The assets created from these initial projects were well received and made their way into future public-facing efforts.

See full Rescue Mission portfolio page.

We took a year off from normal holiday gifts for clients and gave the gift of LEGO fun in a custom-designed and printed package.

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We love fruit baskets as much as the next office, but for a recent holiday season we asked, "How can we give something different, something fun and creative?"

Being four grown men, all with toys on our desks, naturally we thought something LEGO related would be perfect. And of course, we had to design a custom box to house our outside-the-box gift.

Get the project details.

World leader in consulting and cloud-based business services finds print design partner in Tacoma’s Hemisphere.

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CapGemini is a titan of the consulting, technology, and outsourcing world. With 190,000 employees in over 40 countries, they’re a company that drives business on an international scale.

We supported them with graphic design for a printed sales tool that broke the rules of traditional binding. Using a bottom left bracket, the sales booklet could be fanned out to display CapGemini’s full range of cloud-based services for businesses.

View the full CapGemini Project.

Working with Us

What is it like to work with us on a print project?

We have a team of experts on staff who can assist you with everything you need for your project, including graphic designers, a writer, and a photographer. We’ll meet, help you define your vision, come up with a proposal, then get to work on your print project. You can expect proactive communication, a low-stress process, and more than likely some laughs along the way.

What are Hemisphere’s printing capabilities?

As a graphic design company, we don’t print anything on premises. We do, however, have great relationships with printers both locally and nationally. Most of our clients ask us to work on their behalf with one of preferred printers to get them competitive pricing and a great printed product. You can also take our design to the printer of your choice, if you prefer.

Why work with a local Tacoma print design team?

We’re not just experts in print design. Tacoma is where we live, work, and play. So, if you’re a local business looking to reach your neighbors, we’ve got the inside scoop on your target customers. Does your organization have a bigger vision or a broader reach? No problem. We have an experienced team and all the tools needed to take on larger, more in-depth projects.

Hemisphere Downtown Tacoma Illustration

Now that you've seen what we can do, let's schedule a time to hang out.